Customized Design OEM Screws

Sun Through can customize screws for customers' own purpose. Co-designing with customers to bring up new product is Sun Through strength.

Head: hex washer/hex flange/flat countersunk/pan/truss/lotus 

Drive:Torx/Phillips/Pozi/Robertson/Security Torx/

Drilling Points: sharp point/ 1P/ 2P/ 3P/ spiral point Q5~Q10

Thread metric: st4.2/st4.8/st5.5/st6.3/st8.0 or machine thread M4~M8

Thread IFI: BSD or CSD #8/#10/#12/#14

Length: 19mm to 350mm depending on gauge and drilling style.

Surface Finishing: Zinc plated/Ruspert Coating/passivated(stainless steel only)

Other feature: cutting wings (reamers)