Hexagon Head Chipboard Screws

Chipboard screws are used for thick chipboard or particle boards. Specifications are on customized basis. Sizes from 6 to 12 with length from 40 mm to 400 mm are available. Head types including flat, hexagon, round head, and wafer head can be produced based on order. Send us request for quote with preferred specifications/sizes/materials/plating and our representative will reply your request promptly.

Material: carbon steel

Head Types: Hexagon Head/Flat Head/Small Round Head/ Wafer head 

Nominal sizes: 6~12

Length: 40 mm ~ 400 mm

Optional features: shank drill/ spiral cut

*** specifications can be customized, contact us for specific specs***

Galvanization: Cr 3+ / Cr 6+ Zinc Plating with choice of colors

with/wothout wax coating