Automobile Wheel Hub Bolts

Fasteners in wheel hub assembly are the ones that sustain the most load than all other fasteners in a vehicle. Failures occurred on these fasteners, especially in heavy automobiles such trucks and buses, which can put several passengers' lives in danger.

Strength of fasteners in wheel hub assembly is often overrated. There are thousands of cases of wheel detaching happening everyday around the world. Since wheels are dynamic, at some moments, fasteners sustain much higher load than automobile and goods' weight(could be more than 5 times). After one bolt breaks due to material fatigue, load will concentrate to other bolts and cause failure of the whole wheel hub assembly. It will never be too late to look for extra security.

Our bolts are designed for heavy vehicles. Sun Through's heat treatment skills grant the bolts high fatigue strength and impact-resistance. The bolts have high tensile strength with low risk of brittle failure.

Heavy loading trucks carrying tons of goods and running 100 km/hr on free way especially need additional securing force on wheels to reduce the risk of wheels falling apart while driving.