Bi-metal Sandwich Panel Screws

Sun Through's bi-metal sandwich panel screws will save much cost.

Workers feel stressed when fixing a thick sandwich panel to a H-beam. It takes a lot of effort to pinpoint a 150 mm long screws straight and push it firmly without seeing inside the panel. What's worse, workers must keep the drilling position for minutes to drill through a thick plate, just for one screw.

Bi-metal screws are chosen for long-lasting chemical resistance, but it usually is a nightmare for workers. Compared to steel fasteners, bi-metal screws easily break at the bonding point during installing. And due to the material science itself, it has less hardening potential and leads to less sharpness.

Sun Through is in the shoes of painstaking workers. Our spiral drilling point significantly lowers the drilling friction, saves workers a lot of energy and facilitates the overall project timeline.

Head Types Available: DIN 7504 Series/ Truss Head/ Bugle Head/ Wafer Head

Sizes Available: M4.8/ M5.5/ M6.3

Length Available: 25mm to 300mm

Drilling point stype: flat point, sharp point, 2P, 3P, 4P, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9

Surface Finishing: Zinc Plating + wax/ Ruspert coating + wax